What's baking Today?

What would birthdays, weddings, kings day and other days be without beautiful cakes to celeabrate? Come to La Michoacana Market today!

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Our Services
Full Service Restaurant - with two locations full Bar service 2175 Morse Road and the 3160 S Hamilton Road.
Money Wiring -
Prepaid Phone Cards -
Utility Payments -
Money Orders -
Plane Tickets and Bus Tickets to Mexico -
Product - Best prices in town!
Meat - La Michoacana Market is proud of our meat department.  Come in and we will custom cut the meat for you.
Bakery - Come visit La Michoacana Market for fresh prepared Sweet Bread of all kinds.  Sweet Bread you will want to start your day with, for a productive day.  Also, see how we prepare cakes for you and your family's cerebration's.
Cakes of all types birthday's, weddings, anniversary's, king's day, new years day and custom cakes.Wink


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